When thinking about a blog for the end of the year, it dawned on me that with the economic downturn, many of us need to keep food cost low. This may make you feel like you need to eat non-organic, and less healthy, foods. However, I have some pointers to keep you on a healthy diet within a modest budget. They are as follows:

1) It's best to buy at a Farmer's Market whenever possible, as discussed in an earlier blog below. It may seem expensive, but there are some tricks to get through it without much money. For one, if you wait until the end of the market’s day, most vendors will sell their stock for less, as they don't want to take it home. Another way is to ask for the greens on top of vegetables that they usually discard. With the exception of carrots, you can eat most of the greens on top of veggies, and they will provide excellent nutrients. Some of the best include beet greens, turnip greens, radish leaves, and daikon greens. Simply ask a vendor for their greens, and they usually have them in a box under the table. They will usually give you these free of charge, and you can benefit from the many healthy nutrients they offer. They can be either sautéed or steamed, and will make quite a tasty meal served with a cooked whole grain and some Tempeh.

2) Many food places will offer discounts on days. For example, Erewon's has a senior discount day on Wednesdays. Jimbo's Naturally, in San Diego, has a senior discount as well. You need to ask for these, and may be surprised at what you find. The Coop in Santa Monica often has a discount day for 10% off. Many stores offer coupon discounts so watch for these!

3) Also, buy in bulk. Many times, when you buy a case of something, they will offer an extra discount of 10%. It not only awards you with a bunch of food to eat, but you can do so in a cheaper way.

4) In general, whole grains, potatoes, and beans are affordable on a budget. These can give you healthy nutrients for little money. Add some organic Tofu or Tempeh for a hearty stew. Soups can be made from an abundance of fresh produce, including winter squashes and yams.

For future reading, I found this site with more tips and ways to eat a vegan meal on a budget: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/6-tips-to-eat-vegan-on-a-budget.html

I hope this helps you all out and keeps you in supreme health!



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