After having a good night's sleep, I woke refreshed and feeling very energetic.  I've started thinking more about the time I switch to another type of juice, and ultimately when I begin to break the fast.

I had great elimination today, which is somewhat surprising since I've had only juices for the past week..

I spent part of the day working on the raw mushroom veggie burgers and putting the mixture onto the dehydrator trays from the bowl in the refrigerator. At least if I am not eating, as I said before, I enjoy working with food while I fast.  It seems to satisfy me in ways.

A friend came over this afternoon who I'm coaching through the watermelon fast, and we talked about the fast while we went for a walk.

This afternoon I switched to orange juice, diluted with water.  I was feeling so full from liquids and still hungry, and began to feel that because of my increased work schedule commitments I should transition to solid fruits if the hunger continued.  Later in the evening I cut up a few chunks of watermelon and a few chunks of cantaloupe, and chewed it slowly, while we watched another movie.

I made my husband an Amy's burger for dinner, and I didn't feel any temptation, as my determination and focus is on my goal.



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