Today and I was washing some lush Watercress I bought at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market, I thought to myself – wow, it takes a lot of time to manage a healthy kitchen!

This thought came to me, after I juiced the organic oranges I bought and put the juice in the freezer, because I got a good buy on a case.  After, making flaxseed-onion crackers in the dehydrator and making up some green salads for the week.

Often the variety of kitchen duties vary, but it does take being able to stay on top of the organization of a kitchen to manage it, without waste.  These times it is especially wise to keep as organized as possible.

A couple of afternoons a week I usually do some cooking in quantity and then freeze the dish in portions.  This way I never stress over “what’s for dinner?”  I stock a variety of either prepared soups or entrees in the freezer to choose from.  When I have stock in my freezer, I can then spend a minimum of time in the kitchen.  When the freezer stock gets low with variety, I start cooking again to build it up.

I like circulating what I have in the freezer, without keeping it too long. This is a picture of an older freezer, but I liked it because it shows the containers and how they can be efficiently stored.  Glass is best to store, but plastic containers stack nicely also.