What shall I make for dinner?  My favorite way of playing in the kitchen is to create recipes with what I have in stock in my cupboards and refrigerator.  Of course the immediate days after shopping I have more options to get creative with.

My personal style of preparation is to use my intuitive guidance from within.  I don't like to say "I hear voices" or someone may read this blog suggesting that I see a therapist.  But I do get intuitions of what goes next in a recipe – and I find that when I trust that intuition, without question, the recipe gets lots of rave reviews.  At first, it may not make much sense, but as I continue with the recipe it turns out very good, often to my surprise.  For instance, I had company the other evening for dinner and I needed to make a salad dressing.  I found some sun-dried tomatoes in a jar, added them to the blender with a tiny amount of olive oil, some garlic, capers, dates, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and Dijon mustard, jalapeno pepper and sea salt. I seem to be very fortunate in being able to create a recipe a first time and have it be a winner, which it was. 

When I worked as a consultant and chef to Woody Herralson's 02 raw foods restaurant, I used to get an idea of what ingredients I wanted in a recipe, add them, and send the dish up to the restaurant customers.  If I liked it, I found that the customers loved it!
Don’t be afraid to trust your intuition when you are in the kitchen.  When you taste a dish, you can tell if it needs more salt or pepper.  Well, you can also see if it needs a more tart or sweet flavor, etc. Start trusting your kitchen intuitions slowly and soon you will gain confidence in taking more recipe risks in your cooking and raw foods creative process.

This is a valuable link regarding GMO's food fight.   http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=C5A58EEADAD40EE44DB101D0C360F763
There is also information written about GMO's in Chapter 4 of Vegan Bite By Bite. 


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