Things are progressing!

As we all know, a good amount of Californians were duped, with completely false ads and propaganda, into voting no on Prop 37 last year. This is not a good state of things, as we all know, but some good has come out of it.
The Non-GMO Project, a non-profit group that verifies the lack of genetically modified ingredients in food, is reporting that now more than ever, people are starting to be aware of their food choices, and are asking their favorite food manufacturers to not use GMO's in their products. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Market already exclude GMO's from the brand products, and it looks like more are starting to do the same.
The director of the Non-GMO Project is stating that the amount of inquiries about GMO's in food nearly doubled in October, due to Proposition 37 being on the ballot. November was also a very busy month. This is great news indeed, as it shows awareness has grown immensely since the proposition was put on the ballot.
The non-profit has so far verified 6,100 products to be GMO-free, with more than 2,500 others being looked at. There's even a free mobile app, ShopNoGMO (available on itunes or the google play store), now available to help consumers make healthier choices. Many conventional manufacturers are now looking to label products as Non-GMO, as they find that is what their consumers want.

So, let's keep this fight going! Spread more awareness (and share this blog)! We are on the way.