Hi Everyone,

I've been offline for about a month!  I've been in Palm Springs soaking in the mineral springs hot tubs and swimming, catching some sunshine (Vitamin D) and relaxing.

I believe the hardest lesson we all have to learn is "how to nurture ourselves!"  I don't know about you, but I have been putting in too much time away from nature and exercise.  How about you?

Too much time with computer technology and social media is frying us all, and we know that frying is not healthy.

When I'm in the kitchen I love to prepare all of the lush greens, making certain that I have a good amount of them daily.  When I prepare the food, I am thinking about their therapeutic benefits for good health and making my meal choices around those thoughts.  Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, I am cutting down on adding oils to my meals.  My mother always taught me that if I was really hungry I would enjoy a simple meal.

As chefs we are all naturally trying to add unique flavors to the food, often it is with oils, and many high fat, rich foods as ingredients.  This will eventually take its toll on the body, so be certain that you are balancing your meals with lots of raw vegetables and also simply prepared cooked veggies.

Good health is the one thing that money cannot buy, so we have to guard it by taking the time to nurture ourselves.  Are we drinking enough water?  Are we properly exercising?  Are we eating a plant-based diet?  Are we cutting down on all processed foods?  Are we careful about the restaurants we eat out in and whether they are using healthy ingredients? Are we buying organic, making certain there are no GMO's in our foods?  Are we spending time in nature?
Are we getting adequate sleep?  Do we keep ourselves distracted so that we forget our creator?

Health is not only on a physical level.  There is physical, spiritual and emotional, and environmental health, and if we are out of balance on any one of these levels than we best examine our priorities.

My goal as an author of Vegan Bite By Bite is to educate the readers about health, so I carry this subject of nurturing into the kitchen.  Health is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of education and awareness, while doing the best we can to discipline ourselves to keep a healthy lifestyle.