Breakfast actually spells out the words break fast. For all fasts, they are best broken gradually or gently. After dinner and starting digestion up again, I recommend fruits to gradually jump start the process of digestion. If I'm eating a fruit bowl for dinner, then I may start breakfast with a cooked grain and pureed vegetable like Toasted Buckwheat n' Beet Greens. Recipe is on page 156 - Vegan Bite By Bite.

This morning I made up a fruit bowl and included the fruits I brought home from Farmer's Market this week. Sapote, (exotic, custard like fruit) Persimmon, apple, banana and strawberries. Added to the bowl was a blend of cashew milk which consisted of raw cashews blended with dates and pure water to a milk consistency. Yummy for the tummy!

Last weeks strawberries seemed to break down very quickly, so I mentioned it to the stall farmer, and he insisted I take a 3 pack of strawberries in their place. I love when farmers stand behind their produce. It makes me want to continue giving them business because it strengthens my trust in the quality of their produce. None of us in today's economy can afford buying less than desirable quality. And why should we?


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