The good thing about having guests for dinner is that it keeps me on track with cleaning the house.

For this dinner, I used ingredients that I already had in the fridge for a Mexican meal. I felt like making it simple, so I made some Tempeh Tacos. The main time for prep is in advance, and then it is easy to just put out the various prepped ingredients on the table for everyone to serve themselves.

It's fun to place a festive colored tablecloth, wild flowers and candles on the table for the occasion.

I made up some Brown Rice and added some taco seasonings close to when the rice was finished and also some Earth Balance vegan butter.

I sautéed some chopped onions in a bit of olive oil until they were caramelized and then
added a package of tempeh (which I ground finely in the food processor) and then added a few squirts of Bragg's aminos, and browned it, and then added a package of taco seasonings (bearitos brand).
I shredded some lettuce, chopped finely some tomatoes, scallions, and opened a can of chopped olives. I put these ingredients separately in bowls. Then I made up some guacamole, salsa and some vegan sour cream for toppings, and put those in bowls.

All I had left to do was steam the tortillas when my guests came.

I had some ice cream in the freezer, so that was dessert.

The recipe measurements for this meal are in my book – Vegan Bite By Bite.


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