Being happy is a reflection of our food choices. Some people feel that being happy is determined by their taste buds, therefore they are resistant to change.  Don’t they realize how super delicious vegan dishes are?  Do you think that anyone can possibly be happy if their sub-conscious minds know that they are contributing to the suffering and slaughter of animals for their food?  Especially, when there is a choice to get a higher, healthier quality of food and also avoid contributing to the animal’s pain by making a transition to a plant-based diet?
All proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for human health, have their roots in plants (pun intended) and can be easily sourced.

All of us are searching for happiness so therefore we have to build on those things that not only make us happy, but also ito consider the happiness of other living beings.  No cow can be contended or happy that doesn’t bond with their offspring.  It is the natural maternal instinct in all of us.  Can you imagine their anguish to have their newborns violently taken away from them at birth, without bonding and nursing their young? Then confining them to misery for the rest of their lives?  The better brand name description for dairy is “Anxiety and Anguish”.
No one has ever been able to build happiness on other’s un-happiness and this includes happiness for the animals.

Dairy’s menu is made up of insecticides, pesticides, GMO’s, Bovine Growth Hormones, manure, protein supplements made up from “other animals”, including euthanized pets and road kill.  Remember that grass is nature’s way of feeding a cow, not GMO corn and soy and the above menu!  Surely there is no sacrifice in giving these animal and dairy products up!!!

How can dairy taste good after knowing this, without shutting off improved health, sensitivity and compassion? There are so many awesome dairy alternatives on the market today.  So many non-dairy milks, cheeses, yogurts and ice creams are reasonably priced.  The experienced chef can make up many of these non-dairy treats in their own kitchens. The in-experienced chef can easily learn how to make up these tasty alternatives.

"The best part of being a vegan is the purity and peace of mind one experiences and the strong connection felt to the animal kingdom."

-Uri Geller


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