The fight is not over until we win "our right to know" what's in our food!

It has become a real challenge to know what products to buy since GMO's are not labeled.  Yes, we CAN look for USDA organic labels and also non-GMO certified icons (images below) on packages or products.

What is safe these days is to shop at a Farmer's Market where organic is lush, reasonable and plentiful. Or order from an organic farm that delivers.  It also helps to have a relationship with the farmer you trust.  Most farmers are happy to answer any of your questions about their growing methods. When you have a relationship with your farmer, if something you purchase doesn't taste right or spoils quickly, and you are not happy, they will do their best to keep a good customer relationship by gladly replacing your purchase.

I find that although I'm a chef, it is best nowadays to prepare simpler, healthier meals.  For instance there are staple products I know are vegan and organic, so I don't prepare the processed dishes any longer because they are not marked organic.  I rather choose good health over gourmet dishes.

Not everyone may be a "stickler" like me, but this non-labeling of products, I am taking seriously. Knowing that all organic produce is still plentiful (although I notice that Whole Foods has plenty of conventional produce, as well as a lot of organic produce from Mexico.  Why can't the store buy locally and support independent, local farmers?

So rather than mess up my health with GMO ingredients, I would rather simplify my meals. Besides, I don't want to give any business to the manufacturers that don't support our health.


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