Yesterday I posted a blog about "Detoxing for Energy" which you can archive and read, which accounts for my first day on the fast.  Basically, the first day I was busy shopping at Farmer's Market preparing for the fast.  Since I have a husband who I'll be cooking for, I had to stock the kitchen with groceries.

This may sound crazy but when I fast, I have no problem cooking for my husband.  I feel some pleasure and satisfaction from the aromas of the flavors, without being tempted to taste the food.

I've done a fair amount of fasting throughout the years, and each time the results are worth the discipline of giving digestion a rest!   I've gone as many as 30 days on organic, fresh juices and continued working during these fasts.

During one of my previous fasts, I was very fortunate to have had access to a powerful commercial juicer in our work kitchen, so I could juice easily and abundantly whenever I got hungry.  I remember that I worked 10 hours one of those days without a 5 minute break off my feet (we were so busy)  and my energy level was soaring. I don't say that working like this is ideal, but one does the best one can do, right?

Below, is my first glass of watermelon juice today, fresh from the blender!

In between drinking the juice I will be drinking as much water as I can.  Guess where I'll be visiting frequently? You guessed it, the bathroom.  This is all a part of the detoxifying process.

I felt satisfied with the watermelon juice last night and wasn't craving anything other than the juice.  I had color in my cheeks and soreness in my back and shoulders.  I'm not sure if it was my positioning on the computer, but that's the way I felt.  Although I was tired from a busy day, my mind was active and I ended up taking some Melatonin to help me sleep.  I woke refreshed with lots of energy, raring to go!


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