I woke today feeling good and rested.  I had some major sneezing this morning.  In the morning I had a masseur come to the house and give me a massage, and of course it was wonderful to nurture myself this way.  I had a good steady energy and decided to go out and see the movie "The Butler".

I can feel the withdrawal  of this fast creating some physical tightness in my body, which is obviously coming from my mind!  Other than thinking about food, I am having less and less cravings for it. In fact, I am not always even hungry for the juice, so I am drinking a lot of water, which seems to be more appealing for me.

Today I also started on an herbal detox.  I took what I had left in the bottle from previous times, for detoxing the kidneys. Now I've finished with the herbal kidney supply, so I'll have to buy some more.  However, I plan on starting the liver detox tomorrow.

I'm still having a lot of nervousness and facial twitching, which feels draining to me, but it's making me go deeper into the cleanse.

My mind was not as active and anxious tonight as it has been, but I still took Melatonin to get to sleep.


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